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Golf equipment reviews: irons

Ultimate forgiveness

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, PING G15 PING G15
Price: £80 per iron
Key Technology: Seven grams of weight have been removed from the tuning port in the back of the head of the PING G15 irons and repositioned to help provide high launch and optimal spin. The face is thinner than previous models and weight is added to the toe of the head for more stability and forgiveness.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, Wilson Ci9 Wilson Ci9
Price: £379.99
Key Technology: Midsize heads are designed to provide a classic look with forgiveness and playability. A one-piece 'Soft Response Insert' across the cavity gives a solid sound and improved feel for most types of strike. Weight is moved to the heel and toe for added stability and control.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, Cobra S2 Max Cobra S2 Max
Price: £379
Key Technology: The multi-material design allows weight to be positioned in key areas to offer optimum forgiveness. A cavity back design with a stainless steel face create 9 points across the clubface to form a larger sweet zone. Achieving more distance and improved accuracy across the clubface.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, Yonex NanoSpeed 3i Yonex NanoSpeed 3i
Price: £799
Key Technology: The 4- and 5-irons have a wide sole combined with a thin face reinforced with graphite for improved distance. Irons 6 to PW have a deep composite cavity back and a stainless steel face. The set wedges have a half cavity for better accuracy.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch
Price: £499
Key Technology: A wide multifunctional sole helps to get the ball flying high. A substantial topline adds to the forgiveness. The SuperFasts are fitted with lighter, longer shafts, lighter grips, larger, more forgiving clubhead, all culminating in a higher launch angle, with lower spin-rates.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Callaway X22 Callaway X22
Price: £749
Key Technology: The Callaway X-22 irons have repositioned weighting for improved forgiveness. The sole and top line, have been made thinner without reducing the size of the hitting area. While a Tru-Bore polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft dampens vibration for extra feel.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Mizuno MX-1000 Mizuno MX-1000
Price: £105 per iron
Key Technology: The hollow construction allows weight to be manipulated to aid forgiveness and create a higher launch angle. The ‘hot metal' face will also improve distance and forgiveness.

Forgiveness & feel

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, PING i15 PING i15
Price: £85 per iron
Key Technology: The larger long irons offer high levels of forgiveness and stability, the mid irons are slightly smaller, blending into the compact short irons that offer a more controlled trajectory. A tungsten toe insert has been added for greater forgiveness to this mid-size design

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Titleist AP2 Titleist AP2
Price: £816
Key Technology: Built upon the design and technology attributes of the original Advanced Performance irons. The AP2s are forged from carbon Steel, with tungsten nickel sole and a moulded cavity plate, with a new thinner face which, improves sound and feel while offering better perimeter weighting, achieving enhanced forgiveness.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Mizuno MX-300 Mizuno MX-300
Price: £85 per iron
Key Technology: In terms of performance and looks these fit between the current MP-52 and MX-200 models. The undercut cavity design is more compact, offering more workability than any other iron in the MX line. Designed for solid ball strikers who are accustomed to the forgiveness of a cavity.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Wilson FG Tour Wilson FG Tour
Price: £549
Key Technology: These Tour irons have been forged from soft carbon steel to offer a more responsive feel. The wider sole and cavity back lowers the CG to help improve ball striking. The classic design is based on the famous F17 iron model created by Bob Mandrella.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Nike VR split cavity Nike VR split cavity
Price: £560
Key Technology: The Nike VR Split Cavity irons are compact irons with the forgiveness of a wider sole, thicker topline and more offset that the VR blade. The split back design keeps weight behind the sweet spot for added ball control.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, TaylorMade R9 TP TaylorMade R9 TP
Price: £729
Key Technology: A classic shape is combined with new technology to enhance performance. A space behind the face is filled with a light, dense foam which improves feel. The long and mid irons are extremely long and forgiving while the short irons offer more shot making control.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Cobra S2 Forged Cobra S2 Forged
Price: £749
Key Technology: A tour-inspired shape to appeal to better players and a forged steel head for a soft feel with milled grooves offering a consistent trajectory. The cavity design with perimeter weighting improves accuracy, forgiveness and control as well as added ball speed for increased distance.

Ultimate feel

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, PING s57 PING s57
Price: £105 per iron
Key Technology: These irons feature a tungsten weight in the toe to create a higher MOI through impact and reduce twist on any mis-hits. The CG in these small, compact heads is closer to the face creating a slightly lower launch angle and more penetrating flight. Mizuno

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Mizuno MP-58 Mizuno MP-58
Price: £95 per club
Key Technology: A titanium insert forged directly into the outer muscle increases thickness achieving a more solid feel whilst improving stability for off-centre strikes. The thin topline and sole hold the CG close to the face helping create a piercing flight, which will aid your shot-shaping.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Titleist MB Titleist MB
Price: £750
Key Technology: Features a softer topline, rounder profile and narrow sole compared to last year’s ZM blades. A progressive hosel length helps produce a higher launch in long irons and improves flight control in the short clubs.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Cleveland CG7 Tour Cleveland CG7 Tour
Price: £499
Key Technology: A one piece injection molded lightweight insert covers the entire perimeter of the cavity and the base of the head, providing vibration dampening across the entire face for superior feel, even on off center hits. The heel to toe weight distribution achieves greater forgiveness.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Nike VR blades Nike VR blades
Price: £720
Key Technology: With Tiger’s input into the design of Nike’s VR blade. Forged from carbon steel incorporating a milled face, these are a move away form Nike’s original blade. The centre of gravity has been positioned to Woods’ specs to provide added control and to aid shot shaping.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, Callaway X Forged Callaway X Forged
Price: £749
Key Technology: After the success of last year’s X-Forged, Callaway worked with their tour players to create a refined set. With a thin top line, narrow sole, extra bounce has been added. The long irons are slightly heavier giving a more penetrating flight.

Golf, Golf Equipment, Irons, reviews, MacGregor MT Pro-C MacGregor MT Pro-C
Price: £599
Key Technology: The Pro-Ms are classic muscleback blades, offering the ultimate feel and feedback. The MT Pro-Cs are made with the same forging and milling process, but have a shallow cavity back that provides more forgiveness and workability. The models can be combined creating a combo set.

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