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golf equipment reviews: Drivers


golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Yonex Nanospeed 3i driver Yonex Nanospeed 3i driver
Price: £199
Key Technology: The 460cc Aero-Pentagon shaped head, creates smooth airflow during the swing, this helps create maximum ball speed, stability and forgiveness. The carbon graphite crown is 20% thinner and three grams lighter than in Nanospeed i driver, which creates a higher launch and reduces spin.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Nike SQ MachSpeed Nike SQ MachSpeed
Price: £240
Key Technology: The sole has an aerodynamic channel running from the heel side of the sole to the toe. This helps encourage a smooth airflow around the head to help reduce drag. The driver offers adjustable face technology giving you the choice of face angle options, ranging from 2° open to 2° closed.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, MD Golf Superstrong MD Golf Superstrong
Price: £99.99
Key Technology: This classic shaped head has a long and shallow clubface offering great control to shape shots with ease. The new redesigned Superstrong is easy on the eye and sits square at address, which also offers a higher launch without adding spin.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Benross VX Proto PVD Benross VX Proto PVD
Price: £149
Key Technology: An extremely low and deep centre of gravity, forgiving 460cc head with thin crown technology. This driver gives you distance, accuracy and helps those players who love to shape their shots from the tee. The PVD finish provides a sleek look and does not peel.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, PING G15 PING G15
Price: £249.00
Key Technology: This has been modified and advanced since the successful G10 driver. It has a larger head profile to increase the moment of inertia by 15%. The face is also 7% larger than the previous model, helping to generate higher ball speeds for added distance.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Cleveland Launcher DST Cleveland Launcher DST
Price: £229.00
Key Technology: This head is 25 grams lighter than standard drivers thanks to weight removed from the head and a lightweight shaft, this helps produce faster clubhead speed. In order to improve forgiveness nine grams of weight have been removed from the face and repositioned low in the head.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Wilson Smooth Wilson Smooth
Price: £230
Key Technology: The Smooth has a variable face thickness, which creates a sweet spot that is twice as wide as a constant thickness face. The Smooth is available in three lofts, all designed with different characteristics. The more loft in the head, the further back the weight is placed to help find the optimal launch.

High tech options

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, TaylorMade SuperFast TaylorMade SuperFast
Price: £239
Key Technology: The total weight of the club is 14 grams less than the Burner 09 driver. This helps encourage a wide and fast swing arc for added distance. Dual crown technology lowers and moves back the centre of gravity and is combined with a large face to improve forgiveness and give a high launch.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Nike VR Str8Fit Nike VR Str8Fit
Price: £360
Key Technology: A traditional head is combined with a compression channel in the sole, which increases the compression of the body at impact giving improved ball speed and increased distance. The Nike Str8Fit can be adjusted to 32 different face angle options to change the shot shape.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Titleist 909 DComp Titleist 909 DComp
Price: £335
Key Technology: The pear profile has a shallower face and is weighted to produce a medium launch with low-to-mid spin. A weighted screw in the head repositions the centre of gravity deep in the head for increased distance. Three factory-installed weight options mean the head and shaft can be tuned to match.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Snake Eyes XT Snake Eyes XT
Price: £189
Key Technology: A bullet shape with steps in the heel and toe that help move weight lower. A weight in the head can be replaced with a heavier screw to increase launch angle without increasing spin. The shaft has been hand PUREd, which Snake Eyes state improves on centre hits by up to 44%.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Cobra S2 Cobra S2
Price: £249
Key Technology: Adjustable flight technology means the shaft can be removed from the head and reinserted in open, neutral or closed positions. The impact noise has been tuned to offer a sound that is pleasing to the golfer while the headshape is the most traditional that Cobra has ever designed.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Adams Speedline Fast 10 Adams Speedline Fast 10
Price: £199
Key Technology: The aerodynamic shaping of the FAST 10 creates 10% less drag and airflow turbulence than previous models. The streamline shaping is combined with impressive forgiveness thanks to a larger face area and expanded sweetspot.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Srixon Z-TX Srixon Z-TX
Price: £349
Key Technology: The face has been restructured and made thinner, which creates a larger sweetspot and gives added ball speed. Srixon’s starburst variable face technology helps to provide added consistency and distance. The lightweight head allows 11 grams of weight to be redistributed to the perimeter.

Flight control

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Titleist 909 D3 Titleist 909 D3
Price: £275
Key Technology: A 440cc head is smaller than the maximum size and the centre of gravity is closer to the face than other models to allow for more workability. The head is designed to create a mid launch with low spin. An internal rib reduces vibrations and gives a soft sound.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, PING i15 PING i15
Price: £289.00
Key Technology: With a 460cc head and a fade bias the i15 driver offers you a more penetrating flight with less spin giving you the confidence to shape and control the flight of your shots.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Mizuno MP-630 Fast track Mizuno MP-630 Fast track
Price: £299
Key Technology: An advanced version of the fast track technology means that moving the weights can affect both sidespin and backspin. The head is 445cc and sits slightly open to achieve the performance characteristics that the majority of good players look for.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Cobra ZL Cobra ZL
Price: £299
Key Technology: There are three face angle settings (open, neutral and closed) so every golfer can find an address position that optimises ball flight for increased distance and accuracy. A new, more traditional head shape is combined with an improved impact sound.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Nike VR 420 Nike VR 420
Price: £360
Key Technology: The VR 420 has a classic pear shape and is designed to appeal to the avid golfer who is seeking lower spin and a more penetrating ball flight. The red channel on the sole increases the overall compression of the body, which produces increased ball speeds across the entire face.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, TaylorMade SuperTri TaylorMade SuperTri
Price: £329
Key Technology: The first TaylorMade driver that combines moveable weights and adjustability in a 460cc head. The movable weights allow the centre of gravity to be changed while flight-control technology means that the face angle can be adjusted. Features a black face and head combination.

golf, equipment reviews, drivers, Callaway Diablo Edge Callaway Diablo Edge
Tour Price: £249
Key Technology:A conventional head shape made from 4-pieces of titanium with a more forward centre of gravity compared to the standard Diablo Edge. The aerodynamic body reduces drag to create higher impact speeds for improved distance.

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