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golf equipment reviews: Fairway woods

Off the tee

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Callaway Diablo Edge Callaway Diablo Edge
Price: £159
Key Technology: The unique shaping of the steel clubhead is designed to help square the face at impact and allows weight to be placed in specific locations achieving optimal ball-flight. This standard head is slightly larger than the tour model.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Cleveland Launcher DST Cleveland Launcher DST
Price: £129
Key Technology: The oversized face provides additional toe and heel hitting area and forgiveness on off-centre strikes, with three different loft options for their 3-wood, 13°, 15°and 17° options. The high-lofted 3-wood is designed to be more forgiving and longer than a standard 4-wood.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, MD Superstrong MD Superstrong
Price: £69.99
Key Technology: The Superstrong fairway wood has a shallower clubface with a more compact classic pear-shaped head design. Like the Superstrong driver this comes in the black PVD finish. Ideal from tee as well as tight fairway lies, the Superstrong comes in Standard and offset options.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Mizuno MX-700 Mizuno MX-700
Price: £119
Key Technology: The thin and lightweight face is plasma welded to the body, which produces higher ball speeds for added distance. The weight saved in the face means the crown has been made wider to help produce a driver-like flight, an excellent go-to club when your driver isn't firing.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Srixon Z-TX Srixon Z-TX
Price: £199
Key Technology: With a 15% larger sweet spot and straighter, sharper leading edge makes the Z-TX easier to hit from bare lies. Extra weight has been added to the toe and heel producing a tighter dispersion and a shallower face and lower COG makes them easier to hit.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Benross VX Benross VX
Price: £69.99
Key Technology: This classic designed fairway wood is small enough to hit from tight fairway lies, yet big and forgiving enough to hit from the tee and a contoured sole makes it easier to hit from the rough. While the large sweet spot and thin crown increase playability.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Ram SDX II Ram SDX II
Price: £39.99
Key Technology: This has a shallow face and deep, bullet-shape head helping to cut through tricky lies and squaring the face at impact. Enhanced perimeter weighting and Ram’s ultra-light graphite shafts maximise the MOI achieving more energy transfer to the ball, extra distance and improved forgiveness. Hitting the green

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Nike MACHSPEED Nike MACHSPEED
Price: £150
Key Technology: The forgiveness offered by square technology is combined with improved aerodynamics to provide added distance. A tapered heel is combined with a ‘PowerBow’ design along the toe to promote smooth airflow around the head. This results in a faster clubhead and increased ball speed.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, TaylorMade Burner Superfast TaylorMade Burner Superfast
Price: £149
Key Technology: An aerodynamic head shape that is extremely lightweight. This combined with a longer and lightweight shaft is designed to provide added distance. This is the largest clubhead that TaylorMade have ever offered in a steel fairway wood.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Snake Eyes Viper XT Snake Eyes Viper XT
Price: £99
Key Technology: Like the XT Driver the fairway woods feature interchangeable rear weighting options. This helps players to find a set-up that suits their game. A shallow clubface helps to improve playability from the fairway and rough.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Yonex Nanospeed 3i Yonex Nanospeed 3i
Price: £159
Key Technology: The lightweight graphite crown pushes the centre of gravity lower in the head for optimum launch conditions increasing the launch angle while reducing spin achieving longer carry and run. Features the same Nanospeed 100-W shaft as the driver for stable power transfer.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Ben Sayers Benny fairway Ben Sayers Benny fairway
Price: £80
Key Technology: With the highest MOI of any fairway wood previously produced by Ben Sayers, the Benny offers great stability and forgiveness levels. The head design, ultra low and deep centre of gravity give you power and penetration and a launch angle that offers great control and accuracy.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, PING G15 PING G15
Price: £170
Key Technology: The external sole weight pad moves the centre of gravity further back and lower in the low profile head, which helps produce a high-trajectory ball flight with low spin which creates more distance. An elongated, low profile design gives added forgiveness in all weather.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, MacGregor MT MacGregor MT
Price: £129
Key Technology: Classic pear-shaped head with a cup face that is plasma welded to the body. The internal weighting, produces a neutral-to-slight-draw bias. The sole has two slightly pronounced rails, allowing the head to move though rough without the leading edge digging in.

Ultimate versatility

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, TaylorMade R9 Ti TaylorMade R9 Ti
Price: £239
Key Technology: A more forgiving fairway wood compared to the original R9 version, but still including TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology giving you eight different face angle settings. The head is larger with a lower centre of gravity, making it easier to launch the ball higher and longer.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, PING i15 PING i15
Price: £190
Key Technology: The internal weighting and elongated head is designed to offer a more penetrating trajectory, less spin and fade bias, with increased MOI of 13% helping generate greater forgiveness. Available in a strong 14.0° 3-wood, a standard 15.5° 3-wood and a 18.5° 5-wood.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Titleist 909F3 Titleist 909F3
Price: £159
Key Technology: With a pear-shaped head design and deep face which is precision cast with a Carpenter Steel face insert gives the 909F3 a lively feel and increased ball speed. The multi relief sole keeps the ground contact point forward reducing bounce and skip at impact.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Wilson FYbrid HS Wilson FYbrid HS
Price: £109
Key Technology: Wilson combined their fairway woods and hybrids by introducing the HS (Heavy Sole) which has moved the CG lower and deeper into the head achieving a higher and stronger ball flight. A dual rail on the sole gives better ball contact from a variety of lies

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Adams Speedline Fast 10 Adams Speedline Fast 10
Price: £119
Key Technology: Two models are available, standard set-up with two 3-wood options and a draw bias set-up. Precision milled, the 57% increase in camber and sole curvature provides a more consistent ball strike from all lies, with two weight pads positioned in the heel.

golf, equipment reviews, fairway woods, Nike VR STR8-FIT Nike VR STR8-FIT
Price: £200
Key Technology: Designed with the same technology as the Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour driver, but with a split compression channel that is combined with a smooth sole to help clip the ball from tight fairways. Lowering and moving forward the CG allows for faster swing speeds

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