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golf equipment reviews: Golf tech

Golf Equipment Reviews, Golf Tech, Arccos Caddie Review

Arccos Caddie

The new ground-breaking technology is the Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA) which utilises artificial intelligence (AI). By simply inputting your



Golf Equipment Reviews, Golf Tech, Nikon Coolshot Review

Nikon Coolshot

When my recent trip to California was being organised, like most golfers I was checking out the courses as they came


Golf Equipment Reviews, Golf Tech, Golfbuddy LR4 Review

Golfbuddy LR4

I think one of the best additions to help amateur golfers over the past 5-years or so has been the introduction of GPS and


Golf Equipment Reviews, Golf Tech, Shot Scope V2 Review

Shot Scope V2

With all the data you get from your GPS watch, what better way to not only let it help you on the course by giving you correct yardages to the pin, but






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