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Ryanair to Dinard from Stansted and East Midland

Flybe to Rennes and Brest from Manchester and Edinburgh

Brittany Ferries to st malo, cherBourG, caen and roscoff From Poole (Cherbourg) Portsmouth (St Malo, Cherbourg and Caen) Plymouth (Roscoff)


Hôtel l’Abbaye Plancoêt
T: +02 96 84 05 01

Hotel Celtic
T: +02 97 24 05 37

Hôtel le Roi Arthur
T: +02 97 73 64 64

Golf de Cicé-Blossac
T: +02 99 52 79 79


Golf de Baden
T: +02 97 57 1896

Golf de cicé- Blossac
T: +02 99 52 7979

Golf de st malo
T: +02 99 58 9669

Golf Le lac au duc
T: +02 97 72 3720

Golf de Pléneuf Val andré
T: +02 96 63 01 12


Restaurant Le Gavrinis
T: +02 97 57 00 82

La Pause Gourmand restaurant
T: +02 97 29 06 32



Golf in Brittany, France
Golf holiday review of Mauritius. Beach bar at Heritage Le Telfair

At this time of year you’ll probably be going on, or planning your next golfing holiday, sitting round reminiscing of past experiences, remembering the high points while brushing over some of the lows. We all do it: “The weather was fantastic and the courses in Spain and Portugal were in beautiful pristine condition,” but glossing over the fact that it was busier than Oxford street on Christmas Eve and if you didn’t book early enough you were left with late tee times and with rounds averaging over 5 hours.

Some of us have even been known to skip the last couple of holes to be in time to catch the mini bus - the one you booked having given yourself enough time to have a refreshing drink at the bar,while extolling the virtues of that perfect 7 iron over the water to within 3 foot of the pin. Now you are missing out the 17th and 18th on a course that cost you over 100 Euros to play.

Having aroused some unpleasant memories, I am also the bearer of some great news. There is a destination that has Celtic traditions, is right on our doorstep at only an hour’s flight away, fantastic choice of tracks from links to parkland to American style, with stunning views and empty fairways, and the most you will pay for a round ranges from 23-67Euros in the high season. All this in a gastronomic heaven and in a country that boast some of the best wine in the world. Welcome to Brittany.

Brittany is a land with a history that is entwined with our own and also has the second-oldest track in France in Dinard golf club. There are 36 golf clubs in Brittany and two big clusters of courses are in the north and east of the county, with a further stretch of courses along the south. But golfing holidays are not just about great golf, it’s the shared experience with good friends or family, and what Brittany has to offer over other golfing Meccas is top quality food and wine.

Some 30% of the fish in France is caught by the fisherman of Brittany. I have never eaten more healthily than during the five days I was there, with food that is so well prepared and presented, all accompanied by some of the best wines in the world. No wonder all these cooking programmes on TV send their would-be master chefs off to France to learn their trade

Golf de Baden

Golf de Cicé Blossac

Golf de Saint Malo

Golf Le Lac Au Duc

Golf Pléneuf Val André

Golf holiday review of Mauritius. Fire partyspacerGolf holiday review of Mauritius. Relaxing on the beachspacerGolf holiday review of Mauritius. Great gastronomy

LtoR; Golf de Saint Malo, Golf Le Lac Au Duc and Golf Pléneuf Val André

Golf holiday review of Mauritius. Villa at Heritage Resort

Early evening sunset casting reflections of Mont Saint Michel

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