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Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland
Golf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. Looking down from the 1st tee with its mountain back drop

Zuoz Madulain

A 20-minute drive sees me warming up on what has got to be one of the most spectacular practice grounds I have ever had the pleasure to hit golf balls on, Iím surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the sun is shining and it really is a humbling view. It was a beautiful experience reaching St Moritz by train from the airport but I know Charmaine has covered that in her hotel review.

I am looking forward to playing today, not that I donít every time I tee the ball up but the feeling of tranquillity that being here has given me, I know no matter how bad I play I am going to be happy that I have just been able to experience such surroundings.

Heading up the ramps to the first tee I realise the first hole is going to be played from an elevated tee, I spontaneously break out in a smile. The 394-yard hole has to be the perfect start to this course; the fairway sits some 50-feet below me and with the backdrop of those snow-capped mountains I watch my ball as it sails through the air.

As I make my way round that feeling of awe never wanes, I love playing by the sea and while links courses will probably always be my first love, this course comes a close second. Strategy plays a big part here being in the right position from your tee shots is crucial, none more so than the 361-yard, 3rd hole which is more of a left turn than a dogleg left, the bunker is your point of reference so if you can get as close to that as possible without going in, youíll be in good shape to see the green that sits above the fairway.

The 4th hole brings up the first of the par 3s on the course; at 172-yards it plays downhill again with the snow-capped mountain as its backdrop, itís the first of what turns out to be four great par 3s. The 14th at 166-yards played to a semi island green from an elevated tee with the green some 50-feet below will probably take all the plaudits, but for me standing on the 210-yard 16th which is also played from an elevated tee is another stunning hole protected by two deep bunkers on the left with the green sitting on a plateau.

There are at least four teeing options on each hole and on some there is a black tee, which is where I am filming the tee shots from, as I get to the tee on 17th and look back down the fairway, I would recommend you come back here and take a look even if you are not going to be playing from here. Itís a fantastic hole with the tee shot played through a tunnel of trees to a fairway that sits below you, this 537-yard hole then dog legs right to a green that again sits below you and has a green thatís 45-yards deep a truly majestic par 5.

Making my way up to the back tee on the 18th I involuntarily smile as I turn back and look down on the fairway below, how could this course not finish with yet another elevated tee shot that plays to a wide fairway below; a word of caution, do not be fooled you need to stay clear of those two fairway bunkers.

As I hole out, I take a few more minutes to soak up my surroundings; I have to admire Canadian architect Les Furberís work, itís a superb course, every hole offers a challenge and 11 elevated tee shots with the 1st, 4th, 14th, 17th and 18th tees giving the most magnificent views, no matter how you play you will love every minute of this course.

Golf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. Edge of 16th green, with the 14th and 13th greens in the backgroundspacerGolf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. Looking down the valley with it mountain viewsspacerGolf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. 16th green

Top Stunning view at the 1st. Above 16th with 14th & 13th greens, mountains, 16th green

Golf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. Looking down to the 4th green

Wonderful backdrop at the par 3, 4th hole

Golf holiday review of Zuoz Madulain, St Moritz, Switzerland. 18th fairway from the tee

Bunkers await on the 18th fairway

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