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Porto, Portugal


Hotel Solverde Spa
& Wellness Center


Hotel Axis and the Golf Course


Vidago Palace Hotel


Casa da Calçada



Axis golfe, Porto, Portugal

Golf in Porto, Portugal, Axis Golfe, 8th hole

Don't miss left at the beautiful par 3, 8th hole. The course has some stunning backdrops

I am now back on the coach recovering from my beating at Estela and heading off to Axis Golfe, the journey is about an hour, but as soon as we arrive we jump straight off of the coach, load up the buggy and we are off! But believe me just looking up the first hole you will realise you’re going to need a buggy.

I smash the new Mizuno JPX850 3-wood up the left hand side giving me a perfect line into the green and promptly leave my little 9-iron up to the plateau green short – damn I hate not warming up before I play.

Now by the time we hit the 9th green (we are playing the back nine tomorrow morning) opinions are split about what we have seen of the course so far. I have to say apart from the par 3, 2nd hole – this is mainly because I don’t agree with not being able to see the green, I believe you should be able to see a hole-in-one – that aside I really did enjoy playing the front nine at Axis.

It's a very strategic course and there are only a few holes you will be hitting your driver and the 680-yard 3rd hole is one of those holes!! I hit my driver, 3-wood, 6-iron to get there!,– but make sure you play this baby from the back elevated tee it’s a tight drive from up there. The only hole that I think you could say was designed by Mr. Michael Mouse was the 4th, but I think once you have played the hole you will realise that you just need to hit an iron up the left away from a very, very tight out-of-bounds.

The highlight has to be the 214-yard 8th played from an elevated tee to a large green that is basically on a grass precipice. If you are going to bail out make sure it's right and not left, but it's a beauty of a hole and what a backdrop with the hills in the distance. The front nine comes to a close with another controversial hole. Again if you play off the back tee you have to thread your tee shot through a very and I mean very narrow gap in the trees. If it was a medal you would just bash an 8-iron from the elevated tee to a plateau and then hit a 9-iron over the road that splits the fairway to the green. I elected to smash my 3-wood over the trees and road and made it just short of the green – hey I am here to review a course and have fun not build a score!

After a few looseners on the range and I am ready for the back nine. The 10th is a great little hole and if you hit the ridge you will just have a gentle wedge into a very big green and in the summer I am sure the longer hitters out there could reach the green. But as we pull up to the 11th tee and another elevated tee shot – I have to get this out there, I just love elevated tee shots, just watching your ball sail through the air has its own kind of thrill to me – you can see that the back nine opens up a lot more. There are still plenty of trees but the fairways are wider and less – ummmm let me put it this way, high handicapped players will find the front nine very claustrophobic but there are some great holes with some stunning views, my only gripe would be that I didn’t get to play this track in the summer as those view must be awesome with the sun kissing the hills and fairways.

The 18th is a cracker of a hole and again from the back tee it is a very narrow gap you have to aim through, I certainly wouldn’t like to play any of the members here for money. Everyone has agreed on what a great back nine Axis Golfe was and the magnificent views, the question you will all be debating in the bar afterwards is the front nine, “Would you like Marmite on that toast sir”?

Golf in Porto, Portugal, Axis Golfe, 1st holespacerGolf in Porto, Portugal, Axis Golfe, 14th holespacerGolf in Porto, Portugal, Axis Golfe, 18th hole

The uphill opening hole spacerLooking back up the 14thspacerTight lines at 18

Golf in Porto, Portugal, Axis Golfe, 6th hole

One of the many stunning backdrops at the 6th hole

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