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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Killing It Softly: Titleist T100s Irons Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review


Golf Club Tested

Club: Titleist T100s Irons
True Temper AMT Tour White
Flex: X100

Set: 4-PW

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review


The new Titleist T100s forged face irons are basically the T100 iron, but have been designed with 2° stronger lofts. This obviously gives you more distance but because of the new muscle channel which adds speed and launch angle at impact they still maintain that soft feel at impact.

The T100s utilise a denser D18 tungsten weighting system and with the weight saving from the muscle channel the designers have been able to lower the CG, which not only gives you that higher launch angle, but has also increased the clubs’ MOI to improve forgiveness.

The irons also use a continuous cradle construction and this seamless striking surface and the uniform leading edge combined with the tour-contoured sole helps improve the irons’ turf interaction. The cleaner blade design has a thin topline, minimal offset and comes in a matte brushed chrome finish.


When I first picked up the T100s what struck me most was the clean design and the way they sat behind the ball and I love the thin topline. It gives you that feeling of being in control. What I wasn’t prepared for was how soft the club felt at impact. The strike was pure and the ball flight was certainly higher than how I normally hit the ball. As the ball sailed towards the green my initial fear because of the height was that I would lose distance, but when the ball hit the putting surface and near enough stopped dead I could see how that height could be a real asset.

Knowing your distances in golf is key to playing well. The closer you can get the ball to the pin obviously gives you a shorter putt and having the confidence in an iron knowing that it may be a higher launch but comes with a strong trajectory and can stop quickly, then that gives you more distance control going into the green.

I was really impressed with the look of the irons. That soft feel at impact was really nice and that high penetrating ball flight that got the ball to stop quickly certainly impressed me. Fitting is all important when it comes to golf clubs and especially a bladed iron. You really need the right shaft to get the most out of this club and when you do, you will love every minute of playing the T100s.

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist T100s Irons review

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