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Golf Equipment Reviewss

New SIM On The Block: TaylorMade SIM Driver Review

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, close up of asymmetric sole design


Golf Club Tested

Club: TaylorMade SIM
Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70
Flex: Stiff

Loft Setting:11°
Weight Setting: N

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Hero 1

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Illustration

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Face view

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Toe view

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Address position

Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Hero 2


The main new technology evolves around the impact area known as the speed generation zone, which is the last three feet before the club makes impact with the ball. TaylorMade have found a way to increase clubhead speed using aerodynamics. A new asymmetric sole design, enhanced Inertia Generator and a series of shape-inspired innovations work in unison to improve forgiveness while also increasing aerodynamics and clubhead speed at the most critical stage of the swing.

Tour players accelerate from 90mph to 120mph as they come into the hitting area. The new SIM drivers are engineered to improve aerodynamics through this area and what that improved clubhead speed means to you is more distance. The SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max•D drivers all feature a raised crown and sole and like a formula 1 racing car this all helps to reduce drag and improve airflow around the clubhead as you come into that speed generation zone.

While a raised crown and sole improves aerodynamics, this normally comes with a trade-off in the form of higher COG. However, the SIM family of drivers counteract that with the Inertia Generator which is positioned low and back with a heavy steel weight at the rear of the club. This design element then helps move the COG very low, optimising launch angle and increasing MOI providing additional forgiveness.

With the advancements TaylorMade have been able to achieve with their carbon materials over the last 15 years of designing drivers they have again made weight savings in the crown and sole panelling which has enabled them to introduce the Inertia Generator. They have also kept and improved the twist face technology that helps straighten your ball flight, which is now know as the speed injected twist face and introduces three new key features: an ultra-thin titanium face with redesigned Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), variable amounts of injected resin based on testing of the face and a proprietary algorithm to tune each head

Continuing its adjustability technology, the SIM driver features Sliding Weight Technology that allows for up to +/- 20 yards of draw or fade bias. And the 2° Loft Sleeve™ allows for the adjustment of loft, lie angle and face angles of the driver. The Loft Sleeve™ is available on all three models, while Sliding Weight Technology is only offered on the SIM model.


TaylorMade launched their new generation of drivers known as the SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D, in January but with the lockdown we have only in the last month been able to get on the course and test them.

The main technology that has been introduced in the SIM (Shape in Motion) driver is the Inertia Generator and believe me when I started hitting balls into the trees at the end of the practice range, which is 290-yards away and where I have practiced with every driver I have ever tested and never lost a ball, I knew this technology does everything it says on the tin.

It is not often that you can see what some of the new technologies can do for the average golfer, but with most ranges having TrackMan installed and free fittings offered by PGA pros and most discount stores, you can go and compare your current driver with the SIM for yourself. Believe me, you will love the results you get with the new TaylorMade SIM drivers.

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Golf Equipment test and review: TaylorMade SIM Driver review, Sole and weight track

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