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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Rebound Love: Srixon ZX 5 Driver Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review


Golf Club Tested

Club: Srixon ZX5
Project X HZRDUS EvenFlow Riptide 50
Flex: 6.0 Stiff

Loft: 10.5°
Loft Setting: 10.5°

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review


The philosophy behind the new Srixon ZX drivers is speed and all the technology is aimed to help you generate your maximum speed at impact and the rebound frame used in the new ZX range is the main technology helping you achieve this. The rebound frame is made up of several zones that basically crush and release the power youíve generated during your swing and help enhance it and release it back into the ball at impact, improving your ball speed off the face and launch angle, which in turns equates to increased distance.

There has also been a change in the design of the head shape to a flatter, shallower and straighter look and with this design change Srixon has been able to increase the carbon crown by 15%. The knock-on effect of this is an increase to the clubs MOI helping forgiveness by repositioning mass low and back in the club, which also helps with launch angle.

Srixon have also added a weight port allowing you to adjust the swing weight of the club based on your shaft selection and feel preference, you can also adjust the clubs loft, lie, and face angle on the hosel.

Srixon say the ZX5 is aimed at players who drive the ball straight and want a high launch with increased distance.


The first thing you will notice when you pick up the new Srixon ZX5 is how light it is, which did take me by surprise, then when you put the clubhead behind the ball and see how compact the head shape is, I think from the offset both really inspired confidence. The club felt easy to swing and the design of the head shape shouted no nonsense I am here to do a job.

The question youíre probably all going to want answered is did it give me more distance and in truth I canít really answer that question, what I can say is that I loved the ball flight and the sound at impact, but remember I was testing this club as itís getting colder and damper in the UK and less run on the ball. What I can say for sure is that it was slightly longer than my normal driver that I play and to be honest you wonít know until you get fitted with the correct shaft for your swing.

Please remember there is a weight that needs to be adjusted to match your shaft choice to give you the correct swing weight, you wonít know which shaft is best for you until you have that fitting and it is during that fitting that you will see how much distance you will gain with this club. So, the question is do I think you will gain distance if you purchase this club, the answer to that is if you get fitted you certainly will, the joyous ball flight and look at address are added bonuses.

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon ZX5 Driver review

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