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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Master Caddie: Arccos Caddie Golf Tech Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review


Golf Tech Tested

Make: Arccos

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review


The new ground-breaking technology is the Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA) which utilises artificial intelligence (AI). By simply inputting your current handicap, you can select your desired goals from Tour player to a 20 handicap and based on your performances across each round of golf it will give you suggestions on the areas you need to improve to reach your desired goals.

Arccos Caddie SGA shows you your overall game stats, scoring analysis and highlights your top three strengths and weaknesses which then provides tips from world-class instructors to help you improve in those key areas of your game. Pretty impressive right?

Sal Syed, Arccos Co-Founder and CEO stated “The beauty of our new SGA platform is we take complex data and simplify it. The result is unmatched personalised insights for golfers of all skill levels, as well as their coaches and club fitters. With this information they will be on a clear path to improvement like never before.”

The Arccos Caddie app on your phone syncs with the Arccos Caddie sensors which you put on the end of each club, the app then automatically tracks every shot you play and also gives you yardages to the front centre and back of each green.

The system includes an AI-powered GPS rangefinder and caddie advice for every golf hole on earth. Once you have played several rounds the app will then start to suggest smart distance club averages and advanced analytics helping you make smarter decisions, so you improve faster and shoot lower scores.


When you watch a golf tournament either live or on TV the discussion between the player and his caddie and the detail they go into before each shot is fascinating. Using the Arccos app over the last month has certainly opened my eyes, I used to get my yardage with the rangefinder add or subtract 10 yards or so depending on wind or slope and then choose my club.

The information at my fingertips during testing just amazed me and I loved the wind and slope adjustments that I could access by just tapping the screen on my phone and after a few rounds the app would start to give me clubbing options based on my collated stats.

If you want to improve the tip section is fantastic; it not only shows you the areas that you can improve on, it gives you tips on how to improve those areas from qualified professionals.

You can go as deep into your game as you want. It breaks down your handicap into each section of your game; driving, approach play, chipping, putting etc. If you are serious about progressing then you definitely need the information Arccos collects on your game from each round you play to target the areas you need to improve on. This is AI technology at its best.

RRP: £169.99 / €199.99 / $179.99

Golf Equipment test and review: Duca del Cosmo, La Spezia, Golf Shoe Review

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