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Golf Monthly have just taken a dip into the world of the iphone/ipad generation with their new instruction app.

Top 25 Coach Gary Smith takes you through his short game drills and routines, to improve your bunker, chipping, pitching, with a few extras thrown in.

Presented by Gary Smith, renowned short game guru, the app is free to download for which you get four videos covering all the main areas of instruction. There are a number of in app purchase options which give you access to around 60 minutes of further content

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Golf Equipment Review

Wilson Staff Vizor Putter


Wilson Vizor Putter Angles


Clubs Tested

Putter: Vizor
Length: 34"

Wilson Vizor Putter Face
Vizor Face View

Wilson Vizor Putter Address
Vizor at Address

Wilson Vizor Putter Sole
Vizor Sole

Wilson Vizor Putter Side View
Vizor Side View

Wilson Vizor Putter Side View
Wilson Vizor Putter

Before I start this putter review Iíll lay my cards on the table. Iím a bit of a traditionalist and just like a simple putter, but I do understand that many of you like to change your models or indeed have putting problems. With all the research and technology out there to help golfers today, there have been some major leaps forward Ė and with that in mind I take Wilsonís Vizor putter with me to South Wales to play seven courses in four days and put it through its paces.

The first thing that does give me confidence is the weight of the putter Ė I do like to let it do the work and not have to smash the ball to get things rolling. I also feel that the grip is the perfect thickness, slightly bigger than what Iím used to but nevertheless just right. The technology itself is easy to work out Ė I donít read anything before I take the putter out on the greens. I know most of you are like me when it comes to instruction manuals. They only get a look-in when Iíve nearly broken my new gadget, trying to make it do something. For me technology should be easy to understand.

The universal Ďred danger, white goí seems to be the thing to do and to be fair it works. It does feel a bit awkward at first, making sure that when I look down through the T-shaped putter I donít have any red showing means Iím lined up and ready to go. Wilson Staff insist that the Vizor putter can increase your consistency by 20%. Now I am not a bad putter but I can see that the ball is starting on the line Iíve selected. But where it does help me feel a bit more confident is from about nine feet and in. I feel I could be more aggressive with these putts, which is always going to help your confidence.


Wilson Staff's mallet-style putter uses their I-Lockô technology, designed to avoid poor eye-alignment at address and helps you position your eyes directly over the line of the putt. The new technology ó which Wilson Staff have nicknamed Ďlock & rollí ó allows you to lock the Vizor putter into position and get your ball rolling on the correct line.

A precise cantilever alignment feature locks your eyes directly over the ball. You are made aware of the correct address position when the red bars, which feature on the toe and heel side of the Vizorís alignment, can no longer be seen when standing over your putt.

The Vizor features an aluminium body and a soft urethane face insert, and a stainless steel periphery helps give you a higher MOI (moment of inertia) and extra stability, while the double-bend shaft also helps give you a face-balanced design.


To me any putter that makes you feel confident when you step up to your ball on the green is a good putter and Wilson Staff with their technology have given you a putter that will help you get the ball on the line that you've chosen. That knowledge inspires confidence especially from nine feet in. Any putter that improves you from that distance has to be admired.

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