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Golf Equipment Review

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Review: Sound Investment


Wilson FG Tour M3, Driver line up


Clubs Tested

Driver: FG Tour M3
Loft: 8.5° - 11.5°
Shaft: Aldila RIP Phemo 50
Flex: Regular

3-Wood: FG Tour M3
Loft: 15°
Shaft: Aldila RIP Phenom
Flex: Stiff

Wilson FG Tour M3, Driver hero shot
Driver showin switchable weight

Wilson FG Tour M3 3-Wood hero shot
3-Wood showin switchable weight

Wilson FG Tour M3, 3 Gram Weight
3 Gram Weight

Wilson FG Tour M3, 7 Gram Weight
7 Gram Weight

Wilson FG Tour M3, 11 Gram Weight
11 Gram Weight

Wilson FG Tour M3 3, Driver and 3-Wood Hosels
Driver & 3-Wood Adjustable hosels

The first thing you will notice about the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 is its distinctive colour. I would say it’s like a gun metal grey, which is pretty apt because once you get to grips with this baby, it certainly goes like a bullet from a gun. But out on the course or driving range the second thing you will notice is the sound from this driver: one of my playing partners remarked that it was like a hammer striking a bell – another apt analogy.

You do get used to the sound but it is very distinctive, so be prepared. I actually really liked it, despite my initial apprehension, and reveled in the fact that it was different as my ball landed past my playing partner’s – there was a beauty and elegance about the rawness of the FG Tour M3 in both sound and look. One of the other plus points for the Tour M3 is the easy adjustability, and being able to change the swing weight of the club to suit your game by just changing the weight in the sole. The Wilson Staff R&D guys have made this such a simple process – it makes customising the Tour M3 to your swing so much easier.

The 3-wood is also a great club, with that gun-metal, low-profile mean look, but the noise at impact is your standard acoustic. Like most 3-woods these days, the Tour M3 is like hitting a mini driver. And with the extra loft and built-in forgiveness, it’s a great option on tight driving holes from the tee or to help you get at those long par 4 or 5s, depending on your handicap.



This is Wilson Staff's first foray into the world of adjustable drivers, and I think they are onto a winner. The Tour M3 can be adjusted anywhere from 8.5° to 11.5° in half-degree increments, and with the weight options you can achieve the best weight for your golf swing, helping you achieve your preferred ball-flight trajectory.

This all works well with Wilson Staff's variable face thickness, which helps to increase ball speed, while keeping that classic pear-shape design.


Like the driver, Wilson Staff gives you the option of customizing the swing weight to achieve the best possible ball flight and swing speed with its weight options. And the club’s variable face thickness helps increase ball speeds at impact, so I think you will be pleased with the distances you achieve.

There are a choice of loft options, which again can be simply adjusted by half-degree increments. So depending on which initial loft option you choose – from 13.5°, 15.0° and 17.0° – you can adjust your club from 12.5° to 19.0°. As I said, this puts a very powerful tool in your hands when it comes to some of those tight driving holes or getting at those par 5s that used to be just out of reach.


I think Wilson Staff has got it right with the Tour M3. I loved the moody look, and once you get used to the new acoustics, you will realise that the strike and feel of both the driver and 3-wood at impact is solid and produces a great ball flight, with plenty of distance. As always, I recommend you test them at a range or on your practice ground to find the loft and weight options that best suit your game. You will be surprised how much a simple weight can make to the flight of your golf ball.

Go and have some fun.

Wilson FG Tour M3, 3 wood line up

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