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Features include and interview with Kyle Phillips one of the finest golf course designers of the modern era. Our betting guide to this weeks first major of the year The Masters and the latest equipment and apparel reviews.

Our travel section includes features on Michigan, South Wales, Vietnam, Virginia and reviews of two of the best hotel & spa’s destinations.

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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Club Classic: Wilson 8802 Putter

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, Hero face and sole


Golf Clubs Tested

Club: Wilson 8802 Putter
True Temper Head Speed
Grip: Lamkin 3GEN Smooth Pistol

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, Hero face and sole 2

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, back

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, face

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, heal

Golf Equipment test and review: Wilson 8802 putter, grip

I must admit that when I unwrapped the Wilson 8802 putter I felt as if I were stepping back in time; it really is a thing of beauty and may even frighten some golfers with its shear simplicity. But don’t be fooled – Wilson have used a lot of modern golf club-manufacturing techniques to create this stunner.

It’s as if they’ve fused all that was magical from a bygone era – a time when great putters such as Bobby Locke and Gene Sarazen were holing out from ridiculous lengths to win tournaments – with technology that helps get the ball rolling quicker and stops the putter head from twisting at impact.


The heel-shafted head design harks back to a time when Major champions used to wield this magic wand, with the milled 304 stainless steel giving you all the help you need to get the ball moving rapidly on your chosen line.

The perfectly flat, double-milled face also helps impart topspin, which means you are about to enjoy one of the truest rolls on a putt you will ever experience.


The Wilson 8802 is one of the best putters I have played with in recent years, and I particularly loved its simplicity and beauty. With one of these in your hands, you will scare the living daylights out of opponents in match-play competitions. Unsheathe this beauty from its red/gold/white headcover and they will expect you to hole everything – a definite psychological advantage.

The feel at impact and the roll it produces are shear poetry. For those of you who love true craftsmanship and timeless classics – think 50s American diners, rock and roll and E Type Jags – this is the putter to buy.

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