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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Groovy Knights: Titlesist SM7 Wedges Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, Combined line-up


Golf Club Tested

Make: Titleist
: SM7 Wedges
Vokey design
Flex: Wedge Flex
Loft: -50° 54° 58°
Grinds: 50° = F, 54° = S & 58° = D

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, Jet Black Hero

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, Brushed Steel Hero

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, Chrome wedge Hero

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, face view

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, toe view

Golf Equipment test and review: Titleist SM7 Wedges, Address position view


Titleist use a progressive Centre of gravity which helps give precise distance gapping and trajectory control. CG can vary on different lofted clubs based on the bounce and sole grind of each wedge. By using a progressive CG this helps give you confidence in your distance control and shot dispersion that you hear the pros talk so much about.

This works with the Spin Milled groove technology the Vokey Design SM7 wedges feature a Parallel Face Texture for more consistent groove edges, tighter tolerances, for maximum spin. SM7 wedges also feature a distinct groove design between lofts: low lofts (46°-54°) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves, while higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider grooves.

Knowing your ball will spin and stop if you hit it right again whether your using the longer wedges from 46°-54° from distance or the shorter wedges around the green from 56°-62° with their wider grooves improves consistency and confidence.


Like putters’ wedges all come down to feel and with six different grind options and twenty-three different loft options this really is a club you should be fitted for and working with your pro to find the best set-up for you.

I tested the 50° F grind with the Jet-Black finish, the 54° S grind in Brushed Steel and the 58° D grind in Tour Chrome finish and I loved them and so did some of the other journalist who were on the testing trip with me, they all wanted to have a go with them.

The weight and balance of each wedge is perfect and the spin and control you get is very impressive especially when you know how far you are hitting each one and the variations in between. For me the brushed steel finish stole the show, but the jet black is also impressive, although having to wear reading glasses now I would find it hard to read the loft numbers on the toe of the club without getting my glasses out to do so.

I have said this many times, for amateur golfers you need at least three wedges in your bag, apart from your putter, wedges are the most used club and being able to control your distances from 120-yards and in will help your scoring no end. I would have a chat with your professional find out what the best set-up for your game would be and then make sure the Titliest SM7s are on your testing list having them in your bag will change your game for the better.

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