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Golf Monthly have just taken a dip into the world of the iphone/ipad generation with their new instruction app.

Top 25 Coach Gary Smith takes you through his short game drills and routines, to improve your bunker, chipping, pitching, with a few extras thrown in.

Presented by Gary Smith, renowned short game guru, the app is free to download for which you get four videos covering all the main areas of instruction. There are a number of in app purchase options which give you access to around 60 minutes of further content

To download the app go to



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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Perfect fit: TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred CB Irons 

Golf Equipment test TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons, line up


Golf Club Tested

Club: TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB
KBS Tour
Flex: Stiff

Golf Equipment test TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons, Hero

Golf Equipment test TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons, face

Golf Equipment test TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons, sole

Golf Equipment test TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons, Address postion


When I received TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred CB Irons through the post, I must admit I was taken aback by how much the face resembled the MB blades – which I had tested on a trip to Florida only a month before – although it was slightly larger. I was also intrigued to see how much the speed slot in the 3-7 irons would work.

I was also intrigued to see how much the speed slot in the 3-7 irons would work on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic.


First up, the speed pocket. It has been designed to give consistent ball speed across the face of the iron, and with the precision-engineered cavity back design, not only did I get a solid strike and feel, but I still felt the iron let me work the ball the way I wanted to. And, thanks to the added forgiveness the club offers, confidence in your own ability to play shots also starts to soar.

The mid to longer irons are progressively more offset, and thanks to the higher launch angle the speed pocket generates, the irons have stronger lofts – all this helps to give you added distance and control.

The shorter irons have a more compact design and use a minimal offset. And with the shaped sole giving more effective bounce, and the precision milled grooves offering control from the rough as well as the fairway, you do feel the CBs offer everything you need in a club to play well.

This is all topped off with what I believe to be one of the best standard shafts you can get on the market, the KBS Tour.


Although the courses I was playing in the Dominican Republic were more American-style than links courses, the way they were designed meant you had to play a variety of shots on the holes that were exposed to the sea, compared with those further inland.

I felt the CB irons coped really well when put through their paces, whether it was a high shot into a green on one hole or having to punch a 3-iron into the wind three holes later. I particularly enjoyed how the speed pocket gives great high-ball flights without losing that penetrating feel.

The short irons gave me all the control I expect from a blade, and which I got when testing the MBs, but with the added forgiveness that a cavity gives you.

I was hitting so well that several members of the groups I played with over the week wanted to try them – they were all very impressed and are now thinking of updating their irons. That alone speaks volumes, so I wholeheartedly suggest you give the CBs a test if you too are considering an upgrade.

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