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Golf Monthly have just taken a dip into the world of the iphone/ipad generation with their new instruction app.

Top 25 Coach Gary Smith takes you through his short game drills and routines, to improve your bunker, chipping, pitching, with a few extras thrown in.

Presented by Gary Smith, renowned short game guru, the app is free to download for which you get four videos covering all the main areas of instruction. There are a number of in app purchase options which give you access to around 60 minutes of further content

To download the app go to



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Golf Equipment Review

Sundog Mela-Lens Review: A moment of clarity

Sundog Mela-Lens Sunglasses Bolt Mela


Sundog Mela-Lens Sunglasses Bolt Mela Black/Smokey

Sundog Mela-Lens Sunglasses Draft Mela

Sundog Mela-Lens Sunglasses Draw Mela Matt Silver

When I was asked if I would like to test a pair of golf sunglasses, my reaction was similar, I imagine, to that of most golfers: firstly, what is the difference between sunglasses and golf sunglasses, and secondly, I don’t wear sunglasses anyway, let alone when I play golf. Well that’s not exactly true, I do wear sunglasses while driving, but that has nothing to do with the sun…

So, I think to myself, let’s see what this is all about anyway, and if I don’t get on with them or feel they do nothing, I can just write them off and say that at least I tried them. The guys at Sundog convinced me to give them a go, and so did one of my playing partners who swears by them, mainly due to the fact that he gets dry eyes when playing golf for a long time. I must admit I have never heard of that condition, but if you suffer from it then maybe you too need to check out a pair of golf sunglasses.

For the uninitiated such as myself, I have to say that they do make a difference. I was expecting them to be like ordinary sunglasses, but the lens made everything brighter – and duller – at the same time. I know that doesn’t make sense, but you will understand as soon as you put them on.

I will, however try to explain. The glasses made everything brighter, but took the edge and glare off the sun, which in turn made the contours stand out more, something I was worried about and one of the reasons why I’ve never worn sunglasses while playing golf. My other fear dissipated once I got to the green and realised I could still read putts with the glasses on, and that rather than being a hindrance, they actually helped me.


The Mela-Lens® technology incorporates synthesised melanin to filter out 98% of ‘Blue’ light, which creates veiled glare in the eye, as well as fatigue. This is the reason why, once I put the glasses on, everything simultaneously became brighter and duller.

Sundog states that the “Mela-Lens® has been designed with golfers in mind – it minimises colour distortion and sharpens the definition of details, so players will be able to see more clearly what’s in front of them”. And I can confirm that this is the case: the glare of the sun disappears and the contours become more prevalent, and you will be surprised how handy that is on greens when reading putts during the summer.

The glasses also protect you from Ultraviolet A, B, and C light, which helps avoid any long-term eye damage that golf can cause with those four- to five-hour rounds at weekends.


I have to say I am sold, and it’s really not hard to see why – if you’ll excuse the pun – when you put on a pair of the SunDog sunglasses that use the Mela-Lens, especially when you crouch down behind your golf ball to line up a putt. With the various designs available, I am sure you will find a style to suit you, so not only will your game benefit, you will up the fashion stakes next time you take to the green.  


Sundog Sunglasse Range:

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