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In this issue are Destination features from Alabama covering the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail and the Atlantic Links Tour of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset featuring six Top 100 Links courses.

For the non-golfers, there are plenty of hotels and spa reviews, helping you make the perfect choice for that weekend getaway and 3-pages of Christmas gift ideas.

The equipment and apparel sections bring you the latest offerings from Mizuno, TaylorMade, Oscar Jacobson, ProQuip and Stuburt.

And finally the new “Play, Stay & Spa” section and in this issue features the setting for films such as James Bond, Bridget Jones and Layer Cake, Stoke Park Country Club, Hotel and Spa.

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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Orange Crush: Srixon Z565 Driver Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, Ball crushing on face illustration


Golf Club Tested

Club: Srixon Z565
Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 5
Flex: Stiff
Loft: 9.5°

Adjustment setting: N

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, Hero shot showing sole and face

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, Crown at address position

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, Toe view

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, Sole plate with power wave sole technology

Golf Equipment test and review: Srixon Z565 Driver, adjustable hosel


Putting the Z565 down at the address position as most golfers do when they get a new club in their hands the first impressions are that I really like the orange shaft in contrast to the large black head – its then that I wish I was standing on a tee instead of in the office.

The colours of course are superficial to the clubs performance, but first impressions as they say count and the Srixon R&D boys have done a great job of getting that first initial impression a positive, confidence inspiring one.


In a nutshell the new Z565 driver gives you a higher launch angle, more forgiveness and increased distance. The design of the 460cc head not only gives you a higher launch angle but added forgiveness, you will notice in the address position that the club is slightly offset giving it a draw bias.

The shallower head design has seen a COR increase of 10% helping it to achieve higher ball speeds off the face while increasing the clubs stability and dispersion on off centre strikes.

Srixon have also introduced three technologies in the Z565 which they have dubbed the “The Ripple Effect” The Power Wave Sole helps absorb more stress at impact – if you can imagine the club compressing in the soles channel design, as it expands back to into shape it releases all that energy back through the club into the back of the ball giving you increased ball speeds.

The new Stretch Flex Cup Face has been extended farther around the crown and sole to create a 10% larger sweet spot and a new Lightweight Crown has allowed for four grams of weight to be repositioned for higher launch and increased MOI.


The first thing I noticed at impact about the Srixon Z565 was the sound and then the lower ball flight, which was strange because the technology was meant to give me a higher ball flight. On the plus side the lower ball flight while testing in Scotland was perfect, I was certainly getting plenty of added distance and as I stated earlier I also loved the look of the driver at address – even better when you are standing on the 1st at Turnberry looking down the fairway.

I would certainly recommend you put the Srixon Z565 on your testing list if you are in the market for a new driver.

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