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Spin doctor: the Srixon AD333 Tour 

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, Dozen


Golf Ball Tested

Make: Srixon
Modal: AD333 Tour

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, Front view

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, Back View

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, Left view

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, right view

Golf Equipment test Srixon AD333 Tour, Sleeve

It’s always interesting testing a new ball: will it fly further, higher, and how will it react on those little shots around the green? Not forgetting, of course, that you want as much control and spin as possible on all shots from 150 yards and in.

So I was looking forward to seeing how the Srixon AD333 Tour ball would cope with the varying conditions on my trip to the Dominican Republic. Balls always fly a bit further in warmer temperatures, but as some of the courses I would be playing were on the coast – with an accompanying sea breeze and gusts – it was going to be fun finding out.


Most people want to know how much distance a new ball will give them, and, with this in mind, Srixon have developed what they call “Energetic Gradient Growth Core Technology”. This gives the core of the ball a firmer exterior, getting progressively softer towards the centre – it reduces spin, helping you gain those valuable extra yards.

The outer coating of the ball itself uses a 344 dimple pattern design, which again helps aid the lower spin on your drives, but in conjunction with Srixon’s Spin Skin, gives you plenty of feel and control around the greens. The 20% gain in friction between the ball and the grooves on your clubface also means you get plenty of stop on the ball.


I really liked the ball flight the AD333 Tour gave me. Also, the 344 dimple pattern gives you penetrating flight, which worked well in conjunction with the high ball flight and hang time I was getting with the Callaway X2 hot on this trip. There was plenty of wind around when I played Coralas and Punta Espada, but the AD333 Tour held its own and coped really well.

But it was around the dance floor on the infinity greens that I had the most fun. As stated in other reviews from this trip, I was bashing wedges to see how quickly I could get the ball to stop from 100 yards and in, and the AD333 Tour came out of those tests very well. In fact, I was surprised how much spin this three-piece ball produced.

If you are looking to change your ball or are getting to that point in your golf game where you want more control but don’t want to lose too much distance, then I seriously recommend you put the AD333 Tour to the test.

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