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Good for the sole: Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes 

Golf Equipment test, Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes, side view


Golf Shoes Tested

Make: Skecher
Modal: Go Golf

Golf Equipment test, Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes, Front and side brown

Golf Equipment test, Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes, Back brown

Golf Equipment test, Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes, Front and side black

Golf Equipment test, Skechers Go Golf, Golf Shoes, side white

One of the things I am always apprehensive about testing when I go on these trips is a golf shoe – a week away with a new pair of golf shoes that chew up your heels and give you blisters all over your feet is no fun at all. But the good news is that with the Skechers Go Golf not only were my feet blister-free, but I also loved the fact that they look pretty stylish, so you can really wear them anywhere.


The Go Golf Drive shoes are designed with summer in mind, and that certainly showed in the bright orange spike-less sole design, which I felt worked really well, even when trying to give your drive that extra bit of “nudge.”

Skechers have combined their RESAGRIP™ OUTSOLE, RESAMAX™ Cushion inner sole and seamless water seal technologies, which give the shoes that straight-out-of-the-box comfort, along with the degree of movement you need when you’re on your feet for at least four hours.


I must admit, any golf shoe that doesn’t have to be worn in while chewing your feet to bits always gets good marks from me. I also loved the fact that you could put the Skechers on for the drive to the practice ground, then on to the tee – and afterwards walk in to the bar without having to change. I was worried about how effective the soles would be during full shots, and, like I said, when you want to give your drive an extra nudge. I must say that at no point did the Skechers let me down.

Although I didn’t get a chance to test them out in the rain, in the conditions for the week that these were on test they performed perfectly. Also, during the day I played 45 holes on the Dye Fore and Links course at Casa de Campo, my feet were fine – and that was the first day of play straight out of the box. Ultimately, therefore, I can definitely recommend them for comfort.

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