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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Spin Doctors: Mizuno S5 Wedges

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, Close up


Golf Clubs Tested

Club: Mizuno
S5 Wedges

Dynamic Gold Wedge flex
Finish: -White Satin
Lofts: -52°, 56°, 60°

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, Blue IP hero

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, White Satin Hero

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, Topline view

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, face and groove view

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno S5 Wedges, back and topline view



A second Mizuno box arrives for my testing trip to next year's Ryder Cup venue Hazeltine National in Minnesota, and inside was the new S5 wedge system and as I pull out the beautiful white satin finished wedges, my excitement grows and I just want to be out on the course coming down the stretch and banging a couple of 100-yard wedges into those greens to see how quick these babies can get the ball to stop.


Mizuno use a quad cut CNC milled grooves which are wider but shallower on the 54° to 62° wedges with a deeper narrow groove on the 49° to 53° wedges. The reasoning behind this is to maximise the amount of spin you put on the ball from both full shots and those little half shots around the green, giving you as much control of the ball as possible.

Mizuno also use the grain flow forging process to give you that soft touch at impact that has become Mizuno’s trademark in their irons throughout the years, and by using the same 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel billet they use for the forged irons you now get the same feel and consistency throughout your set from 2 iron – 62° wedge.

Where other manufacturers have gone for smaller faces, Mizuno have used a midsize profile design and I think this works really well especially when you are hitting your gap wedge with a full swing and with the slightly rounded leading edge you can still open and close the face to play those little touch shots around the green. The good news is when you sit the club behind the ball it still looks great, which a lot of people commented on when I let them have a practice during my tip. The top line is not over bearing and ugly so maintaining that classic blade look at address.

There are two finishes to choose from, as I said I tested the white satin, but the Blue IP finish looks great and as it’s a secondary finish, so once you have been using it a while it will slightly wear on the sole and the white satin finish will start to blend through. You can also customise your Blue IP wedge with 6 characters and a choice of 12 colours finishes.


I played the S5 wedges over eight courses and everyone I played with commented on how much spin I was getting on the ball. When you are watching next year's Ryder Cup matches and they get to the 16th hole by the water at Hazeltine National, this is where I span the ball from the middle of the green back off the green from 100-yards out with the 56° wedge – my group just couldn’t believe how much it backspin I was getting, the greens were running at 13 on the stimpmeter, so that obviously helped as well.

The S5 are great weapons to have around the green and from a 100-yards they gave me the confidence to be able to attack the flag, and if they can do that for my short game I know they can help you improve your scoring around the green. I would definitely recommend you give them a test run and see how they can benefit your short game.

Golf Equipment test and review: Nike Vapor Pro Combo, RZN Insert

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