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Golf Monthly have just taken a dip into the world of the iphone/ipad generation with their new instruction app.

Top 25 Coach Gary Smith takes you through his short game drills and routines, to improve your bunker, chipping, pitching, with a few extras thrown in.

Presented by Gary Smith, renowned short game guru, the app is free to download for which you get four videos covering all the main areas of instruction. There are a number of in app purchase options which give you access to around 60 minutes of further content

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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System Review:Gap Filler A


Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System, Line up


Club Tested

Club: Mizuno

Clubs tested:
52° 56° 60°

True Temper Dynamic Gold
Flex: Wedge

Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System, Hero

Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System, Quad Cut Grooves

Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System Sole

Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System Toe

Golf Equipment test Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge System Bounce and back

If you have been reading my wedge reviews recently you will have gathered that my short game is probably my weakest as a golfer. This is more to do with the fact that I don’t practise it enough, probably like a lot of you guys out there. The good news for me is that when I go on a testing trip I get plenty of time to put this right. And as you’ll see from the video, with the right equipment in my hand I can get pretty competent.

I firmly believe that you have to have confidence in the equipment you are playing with, and when it comes to forged clubs Mizuno has few peers. Looking down at their MP-T4s definitely inspires confidence – you know the R&D guys there have done everything in their power to do the best for your golf game.

So when I hit the fabulous practice green on my first day at Streamsong, out came the 52°, 56° and 60° wedges. When you place either of them behind the ball they just look so great. I loved the nickel finish, and playing under the Florida sun that was a bonus – no sudden shafts of blinding light hitting my eyes seconds before impact.


Mizuno have introduced a more rounded bevel, and along with their bounce options it should help see you achieve better contact and not get the clubface caught up in the grass at impact.

But one of the things you’re going to notice straightaway on your first pitch into the green is how much stop you get on the ball. Mizuno use a pure select mild carbon steel. Add to that their milled face and you will love the results as your ball hits the green. The traction produced was fantastic – it certainly made my short game look good.

The MP-T4s use a two-system quad cut groove. The 56°-60° wedges have a wider shallower groove, as most of the time these wedges are used around the green and help with spin on shorter shots. While the 50°-54° wedges use a narrower, deeper quad cut groove which helps the ball fully compress on full shots into the green, again giving you the maximum of control and spin.


To me anything that can help my short game is a blessing. One of the things about golf that can drive me nuts is: you hit two half-decent shots to a hole, just miss the green and then take another three or four shots to get down.

Mizuno have produced a great set of wedges that will help the medium-to-low handicap golfer, keeping that classic look and feel of a forged club but adding all the forgiveness they can to help you score. I loved everything about the MP-T4s: the feel, the look, but most importantly the way they helped me get up and down and give my short game a much -needed shot of confidence.

If you are looking for a new wedge system or just buying a new wedge, I would definitely recommend you put Mizuno’s MP-T4s on your testing list.

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