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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Perfect Impact: Mizuno MP-25 Irons

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25 hero shot


Golf Clubs Tested

Club: Mizuno
MP-25 Irons 4-PW

Project X 5.5

Lie: -2°
Flex: Stiff

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25 hero shot

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25 sole

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25 top line and heel

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25 back

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25, back and topline



It is always with a sense of anticipation when I open up any box that has Mizuno embossed on the outside of it, like you, I had seen the nice press release images and had a peek on the website, but it is not until you hold a club in your hands and put it down in the address position do you really start to appreciate a club.

In all the years I have been playing Mizuno irons – now in my 41st year – I have never been let down, in fact I think my appreciation of their forged workmanship just increases with each new iron release and as I rush out into the garden to have a little swing, I have to say on first impressions the MP 25s have it all: the balance, the weight and the look, Minnesota and Hazeltine National here I come!


Inspired by the results from the Forged JPX 850 Boron irons last year –see review here – it wasn’t going to be long before Mizuno moved that tech into their new forged cavity blade. The combination of the grain flow forging and the injection of a boron steel billet allowed for the engineering of a micro-slot pocket cavity on the 3-6 irons, this process helps give the MP-25s added ball speed off the face, resulting in you gaining extra distance but at no loss of that renowned Mizuno feel.

By adding just 3% of the Boron metal into the mix with their 1025e steel Mizuno have increased the strength of the face of the iron by 30% allowing them to design the face of the club thinner, which not only helps with feel but obviously an increase in swing speed. This also works well with the speed pocket because as the face flexes the energy you produce at impact, along with the shockwaves that are created are then rebound back into the ball creating extra ball speeds off the face and again helping with adding more distance to your game.

One of the commitments that I and I’m sure most golfers are going to appreciate is what Mizuno are calling their Swing DNA, when you have your custom fitting – and remember whether you buy from your pro or from an outlet most now come with a free custom fitting process – this will show the best shaft and set up for your golf swing. The good news is no matter what shaft is best for you, there will be no extra cost and it will take five working days from the time Mizuno receive your order to the clubs being in your hands – allowing of course for parts and location.


I wasn’t disappointed and I know you wont be, these beauties have everything, look, balance, feel at impact and boy what a feel, the sound and distance – yes it's official I now use an 8-iron for my 150-yard shots and a 7-iron for my 160-yards shots. I think the combination of shaft and the added Boron metal worked great for me. It was also another club everyone wanted to hit on my testing trip. The MP-25s are real head turners, not just because of looks but that solid sound at impact as it echoes round the trees, the great ball flight the clubs produce and with the built in forgiveness, the Mizuno MP-25s really do need to be on your testing list when you’re buying you next set of irons.

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Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno MP-25, face and cavity

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