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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Back To The Future: Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, Two options with shaft


Golf Club Tested

Make: Mizuno
: CLK Hybrid
Fujikura Speeder 75
Flex: Stiff

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, Hero shot

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, four options with shaft

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, Shockwave sole view

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, face view

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, toe and face view

Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, four options


Named after the original hybrid known as the Cleek the CLK uses Mizuno’s Wave Technology. This is the third generation of that system and you will see the first channel is a lot more aggressive than previous versions being wider and deeper – this helps enhance that trampoline effect and works with the two other channels giving it an accordion type system which crushes on impact and then releases all that energy into the back of the ball.

The Wave Technology is married with the ultra thin 1770 steel face, this durable material gives faster ball speeds off the face while also offering a more stable club head and helps push the weight lower and forward for a lower spinning ball flight.

Normally Mizuno launch their hybrids as part of a family, but the concept behind this hybrid is to make it more of a stand-alone club sitting between your fairway woods and longer irons. The design gives you a high launching ball but with a lower spin rate for added distance

The Quick Switch system allows the four loft options – 16°, 19° 22° and 25° – to be adjusted up or down by 2° giving them a range from 14° to 27°, this means you could carry two hybrids and drop out your 3-wood, giving you a variety of options on par 5s and those longer par 4s, while keeping it as a utility club from the rough.


I loved the black finish and the way the club sat behind the ball. The design inspires confidence and I also enjoyed the amount of option this new hybrid offers to a variety of players.

For lower handicapped players you could carry two hybrids and drop your 3-wood. By taking the 16° version down to 14° you could then still carry a 19° hybrid, this gives you options from the tee offering power and control and you have an added option from the fairway, semi rough and rough.

For higher handicapped players you can carry up to four hybrids helping you drop some of the harder to hit longer irons out of your bag and with the higher launch angle, lower spinning, more penetrating ball flight that comes from the faster face, you not only gain control and consistency, but more power and distance, now that really is an added bonus.

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Golf Equipment test and review: Mizuno CLK Hybrid, line up

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