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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Scare Face: Evnroll ER1 putter

Golf Equipment test and review: Evnroll ER1 Putter, Milled face and sole view


Golf Club Tested

Club: Evnroll ER1
Evnroll putters
Height: 33"

Golf Equipment test and review: Evnroll ER1 Putter, face and sole view

Golf Equipment test and review: Evnroll ER1 Putter, back and alignment aid

Golf Equipment test and review: Evnroll ER1 Putter, address position and alignment


Putters are such a unique piece of golf equipment, along with your wedges it is the most used club in the bag and depending on how good you are you will use it anywhere between 25 – 40 times during a round of golf.

No matter what kind of technology goes into a putter it will always come down to when you first pick up the club, how it feels in your hands, how it looks to your eye at address and last but not least how it feels at impact on that first putt.


Firstly let me go through the technology that the Evnroll has incorporated in their range of putters. The main tech is the milled face, the pattern is a revolutionary design and when you run your finger across the face you can fill the milling across the whole surface. You have all heard of the “Sweet Spot” on a club, but this milling makes the whole face sweet.

“Our unique progressive mill pattern not only broadens the sweet spot across the entire contact area, but also gently gears the ball back to the target line to ensure even heel and toe putts roll online and virtually the same distance as centre hits.” Stated Guerin Rife, renowned putter designer.

The technology helps the ball roll off the face at a consistent speed, so even on off centre putts the technology is helping you with your distance control and the ball will roll to the distance you intended, even if you hadn’t hit it out of the middle.

At address, apart from the white line alignment at the back of the putter, there are two dots sitting on the top line of the putter, these sit either side of the centre cavity sightline. 90% of putts are missed below the hole, depending on the type of break on the putt you are looking at – be it left to right or right to left – lining the ball on the outside of each dot will help your ball stay on the high side of the hole longer, giving you more chance of holing out.

The putters come in three different lengths 33”, 34” and 35”, but each putter comes with a weight that compliments its length. Each head comes in a specified weight that compliments the length. Head weights are 15 grams heavier to allow for a 30-gram counter-weight, this is the combination tour players have found gives them the greatest distance control.


I tested the 33” Evnroll ER1 putter and as soon as I got it in my hands I knew by the weight and the look at address I was going to enjoy testing this putter. What I also liked was the thick grip, it wasn’t as thick as some out there but it just felt perfect in my hands.

I have had this in my bag now for over two months. After the initial testing in Morocco I have also used it when I spent two days with Golf Monthly at the Belfry and a golf day with the Balmy Army winning all my matches and several alcoholic prizes plus a Barmy Army songbook and membership!!

I think you can guess how much I enjoyed playing with this putter and how successful I have been using it, but just in case you haven’t picked up on that, I highly recommend you get one of these in your hands before you make your next putter purchase, you will be more than happy you did.

Video sound quality:

Sorry about the poor sound quality on the video, the battery went on the microphone and we didn’t have time to reshoot, but hopefully you get the information you need from both the written review and the video

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Golf Equipment test and review: Evnroll ER1 Putter, diagram

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