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Golf Equipment Reviewss

Callaway Epic Driver Review: Face Off

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, standard and sub zero options


Golf Club Tested

Club: Callaway Epic Flash Driver
Project X Even Flow Green 50
Flex: Stiff

Set-Up: +1° Neutral

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, hero shot

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, address position

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, toe view

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, face view

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, face technology2

Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, shaft options




Artificial Intelligence Vs wet and windy Kent golf courses, James Mason puts the Callaway Epic Flash with its AI designed face to the test.


Callaway have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their latest driver design and this self-learning computer software has come up with a new face technology that Callaway have called Flash Face. It was only a matter of time before AI was used in golf club design and when a computer can do 15,000 face architecture iterations instead of the usual 8-10 improving on each iteration as it goes along I am sure we are going to see a leap in golf club technology coming down the line.

What the new Flash Face technology means for you is faster ball speeds on impact from the sweet spot and centre region of the face. How it works is that the Flash Face’s unique, internal mapping consists of dozens of subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe, working together to elevate the clubs COR (Coefficient of Restitution) This new technology works with Callaway’s jailbreak technology that they updated in the Rogue drivers and these internal bars stabilise the crown and sole and again help increase ball speed off the face. They are also using a new lighter Triaxial Carbon Crown Material T2C so weight can be redistributed raising the MOI (Moment of Inertia) which promotes forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

There is an adjustable 16-gram perimeter weight that sits in the sole at the back of the club head, you so you can adjust to help promote a draw, fade or straight ball flight. This works with Callaway’s hosel adjustments that has eight loft and lie options, with S giving you the stated loft which can be adjusted down by -1° or up but 2° and with N and D on the other cog giving you a Neutral or Draw bias options.


Winter days in Kent may not be the ideal testing conditions for a new driver but what I did notice was distance, trajectory and feel off the face. To be honest each new driver will give you a yard or so gain just because of the new technology that goes into them, but with cold conditions, I certainly noticed more than a few yards in distance gained and I really loved the ball flight.

The forward weight below the face and the lighter back weight on the track system that are used in the Sub-Zero driver are to help promote a low spinning ball and that is certainly noticeable the way the ball fires off the face and blast through the air, it really is a great ball flight with lots of power.

Lastly are the acoustics at impact and with the jailbreak system that joins the crown and sole, it really is a solid powerful sound at impact. I loved the Rogue driver last year and I have to admit I really didn’t get on with the original Epic Driver, but I loved testing this club and the results were very impressive. Make sure you get the Epic Flash in your hands before you make a final decision on buying a new driver this year.

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Golf Equipment test and review: Callaway Epic Flash Driver, face technology


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