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Golf Equipment Review

Adams XTD Hybrid: The Adams family’s new baby


Adams Golf XTD Hybrid Review, Line up shot


Clubs Tested

Hybrid: XTD
Loft: 18°
Shaft: Matrix Ozik Red Tie HQ3
Flex: Stiff

Adams Golf XTD Hybrid Review, Hero shot
XTD Hybrid Hero

Adams Golf XTD Hybrid Review, Face
XTD Hybrid Face

Adams Golf XTD Hybrid Review, Crown and Cut-Thru
XTD Hybrid Crown

Adams Golf XTD Hybrid Review, Address
XTD Hybrid Address

Adams Golf have always been renowned for their hybrid clubs, and many of the guys on tour use them. I was therefore looking forward to putting this new addition to the Adams line-up through its paces. It’s not often I get to test clubs in a competitive environment, and this time I was playing in 5 competitive rounds of golf with a club I was taking out of the wrapper when I first pulled it out of the bag. So, no pressure then…

But to be fair to the guys at Adams, I knew they wouldn’t let me down, and as the ball sailed out of the semi-rough on a medium-penetrating ball flight, I was pleasantly surprised. I must admit I wasn’t expecting it to come out that fast and long, but the club certainly did the job. Once I realised I was getting some extra yards from this hybrid I started to use it on the longer par 3s over 200 yards, enjoying the feel and ball flight it gave me.


One of the first things you will probably notice at impact is how quickly the ball gets airborne, which is down to the very low centre the Adams engineers have designed into the club.

Adams claim that the new Cut-Thru Slots have given this hybrid the fastest ball speeds off the clubface to date, and I can vouch for that – this hybrid certainly gains some extra yardage when compared with their previous model.

I did like the adjustability idea behind the hybrid, and if you play a course on a regular basis you can adjust the club to match the conditions. So if you want a more penetrating ball flight you can take the loft down, or if you want to use the wind you can take it up. Also, with the club head design you know you are still going to get a good address position from those awkward lies you want to use your hybrid from.


When it comes to hybrid clubs, there is a reason why a lot of the top players use them – and when your living is on the line that speaks volumes. All the Adams equipment I have tested over the past year or so have been up there with some of the best makes on the market, and at great prices. If you are looking for a hybrid club that allows you to do more than just hit the ball a long way out of a bad lie, then make this one of the clubs you test before you buy. I love using it, and I’m confident you will feel the same way.

Go and have some fun.

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