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Golf Equipment Newss

Mizuno MP-20 Irons Series: First Look

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series



Club: Mizuno
MP-20 Series

MP-20 MB
Model: MP-20 MMC

Model: MP-20 HMB

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. Below the surface the copper layer

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. MB Hero

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. MB face, back and sole view

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. MMC Hero

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. MMC Face and Topline view

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. HMB Hero View

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series. Face, back and sole view

Hitting a pro shop near you in September are the sunning new Mizuno MP20. The 119-year old company which started life in Osaka, Japan in 1906 has long held an enviable industry – and tour – wide reputation for crafting the finest forged irons in golf, blending flawless looks with feel and workability.

Mizuno unveil three new irons in the MP-20 series featuring copper-plating within the head design to add what the R&D guys are calling ‘layers of feel’ at impact.

Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, where Mizuno have refined the art of feel for more than 50 years, the heads of all three MP-20 models feature copper plating similar to Mizuno’s legendary TN87 model, for an impact sensation which was recognised as Mizuno’s purest ever.

The new MP-20 family comprises of the MP-20 MB, MP-20 MMC and MP-20 HMB, each has its own unique appeal and like recent models in both the MP and JPX range can be blended into custom combo sets, each featuring the soft copper plating beneath a protective nickel chrome to deliver that legendary TN87 feedback and feel.

MP-20 MB is a pure muscleback influenced by Mizuno’s most revered blades like the TP9s and 11s, the MP 15s and TN87s using a Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel.

The MP-20 MMC is the pros cavity iron and is the second-generation of Mizuno’s multi-material concept, also forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel but has a thinner topline. The MMC shares the same chassis, set flow and proportions as the MP-20 MB, but with enhanced playability by utilising a titanium muscle plate and tungsten sole weight.

MP-20 HMB is a hollow-headed ‘Hybrid Muscle Back’ with a tour-ready profile that features Mizuno’s forged Chromoly material in the face and neck. The design is inspired by the rise in popularity of long iron replacements on tour but takes that a step further by extending the concept down to the wedges.

"Most modern musclebacks and limited 'tour edition' irons can be traced back to the great Mizuno blades,” says Mizuno’s Chris Voshall, “though what makes a Mizuno iron truly exceptional is everything you can't see. If you could peel back the chrome plating, you would find a sandwich of nickel and soft copper before the Grain Flow Forged HD chassis. Under a microscope, you can see a perfect flow of grain within the steel from the hosel to toe, compacted tighter in the hitting area. Designers can mimic our lines, but not what's inside.”

Golf Equipment News: The MP-20 Irons Series back and sole view

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